Cambridge County Council: TEMPORARY PROHIBITION OF THROUGH TRAFFIC 22 August and 30 September 2022

This is to stop any vehicle from proceeding along Barrington Road, Foxton; Challis Green and Foxton Road (C262), Barrington as lies between High Street and Foxton Footpath 5.

The Order is made to facilitate water main installation works which are being carried out on or near this highway and it will come into operation on 22 August 2022 and continue until these works have finished or on the 21 February 2024 whichever is the earlier.

The alternative route for vehicles is via High Street, Barrington – West Green – Shepreth Road – Barrington Road, Shepreth – Station Road – Meldreth Road – High Street – Frog End – A10 and vice versa.

It is anticipated that these works will be carried out between 22 August and 30 September 2022.