Council Members

Amanda Hopewell

We have lived in Barrington since 2014 so relatively new to the village. I have lived in villages all of my life other than the first few years I moved to Cambridge when I lived in the outskirts of the City.

My career has taken many routes along the way starting in catering management of various forms, then moving through different types of companies broadening my knowledge and skills. This led me to become an IT Trainer which I enjoy along with doing various tasks for a company who works with supplements for dogs and cats. This combination requires a lot of people contact which I feel right at home with and has led me to become more active both with the Barrington Society and the Parish Council.

Most people round the village will know me by our dogs – the first one was a Border Collie who was know for carrying her frisbee and latterly two rescues, one black and one ginger.