Council Members

Anne Day

I have lived in Barrington, with my husband, for just over 40 years. We were teachers at Melbourn Village College and our daughter grew up here, attending the Primary School.

I have been associated with the Parish Council since 1998, initially as the Clerk and then as a Councillor. During this time I have been particularly interested in our Play Areas and was much occupied with the enhancement of the Challis Green Area. I chaired the Sub- Committee set up to consult with our young people, to obtain grant funding to work on designs with Suppliers of equipment and ultimately to oversee the implementation of the project. I carry out monthly inspections of both Play Areas and report to the Parish Council meeting. I also have responsibility for liaising with Cambridgeshire County Council staff in respect of our footpaths and for requesting the appropriate maintenance from our Parish Council for those paths closest to the Village. I also attend liaison meetings with Cemex staff.

I have a personal interest in the history of the Village and I care deeply about preserving and protecting its special character and places, in particular, the Green.