Council Members

Laura Cooper

I am a retired Deputy-head teacher having taught in the primary sector for over 25 years. I was in management accountancy in both the private and public sector before teaching.

I taught in a wide variety of primary schools in Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and inner city Birmingham. My strengths were in maths, RE and safe guarding.

In my previous roll as a councillor I worked on the development of Primes Close and Heslerton Way. The Challis Green play area and the introduction of the Village Warden Scheme in Barrington.

My family have lived in Barrington going back at least 400 years mainly in farming, railways, building and teaching.

I was christened and married at the church and plan to be buried there!

I am still a trustee of the warden scheme, on the committee of the Barrington Society, a village hall trustee and church cleaner.