Barrington Town Estate

Category: Local Amenities

For the benefit of people living in the Parish

The Barrington Town Estate Trust was created many years ago for the benefit of people living in the Parish.

The original Scheme was drawn up in 1879 but an entirely new Scheme was approved in February 1980.  This means that the Trustees are able to use the income from the trusts fund to help meet the needs of people in the village in almost any way they think right.

The Trustees

Jim Burton (chairman), co-opted Trustee

Wendy Harrison co-opted Trustee

Diane Alderson co-opted Trustee

Felicity Couch ex-officio Trustee

Mr. R. Landman ex-officio Trustee.

Parish Council Representatives

Sheila Potter

Anne Day

The income of the trust is not very great, but the Trustees are anxious to use what there is to the best advantage.  They can and will consider every case of need that comes to their knowledge in any way, but they can act most usefully when people ask for help or let someone else do it for them.  All that is needed is a confidential word to one of the trustees.

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  • Contact: Jim Burton
  • Phone: 01223 870192
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