Community Car Scheme

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The car scheme provides door-to-door transport for people who do not have the use of a car and are unable to use conventional public transport.

Passengers pay for the journey, but the cost is also subsidised by Cambridgeshire
County Council.  Journeys are arranged through the scheme’s journey co-ordinators.  The lifts are provided by volunteers using their own cars and they are insured to do this.

All  journeys are subject to the availability of drivers and at the discretion of the co-ordinator.

All reasonable local journeys are covered.  This would include essential trips e.g. medical, dental, chiropody etc. but also social, getting to local group meetings and events, shopping, visiting relatives, hair appointments, hospital visiting, funerals etc.

Co-ordinator’s telephone : 07926 938211

Please ensure that you use this number only and avoid landlines or email as the as the phone is passed to different co-ordinators from time to time.

​The scheme always needs more volunteer drivers also so if you could offer some time please contact the co-ordinator.


  • Contact Info :

  • Contact phone: 07926 938211