Village Warden scheme

Category: Local Amenities


  • Are you living independently but would feel more secure knowing that there is someone you can turn to at short notice?
  • Would you benefit from daily contact with a Warden?
  • Perhaps the reassurance that someone is on hand?
  • Help with a trip to the doctors or to collect a prescription?
  • Need an occasional lift to the shops or elsewhere locally?

… then the Village Warden Scheme is for you!

For just £6 per week (£7 for a couple) we can provide daily contact, a phone call, or a visit, and help with minor tasks and outings.


If your family members do not live close by and neighbours are at work all day, we are available to provide support and practical help


  • Contact Info :

  • Contact: John Cowan
  • Phone: 01223 870200
  • email: