April 2023 Parish Council Agenda

Meeting Agendas Uploaded on April 7, 2023


Notice of Parish CouncilMeeting
I hereby give notice that Barrington Parish Council will meet
On Thursday 13
th April 2023 pm in the Green Room, Barrington Primary School at 7pm

All members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend for the purpose of considering and resolving
upon the business to be transacted at the Meeting as set out hereunder.

The Public and Press are invited to attend.

Sally Walmesley, Clerk

1 Apologies, welcome and introductions (2mins)

2 Declarations of Interest and Dispensations (2mins)

3 Public Forum

4 To approve the Minutes of the last Parish Council meeting held on 9th March 2023

5 To take CCC (Cambridge County Council), SCDC (South Cambridgeshire District
Council) and Clerk reports (15mins)

6 Matters Arising

7 Finance (20mins)RFO

a) To approve the payment of accounts listed below and to approve any further invoices presented to Council
that are not on the schedule (if any):

V/N Invoice Description Supplier Amount
Financial year 2022/23
259 Electricity Charges (March 2023 ) Southern Electric £186.15
Staff Costs,Pay, PAYE, Home
Allowance, Pension March 2023
Staff £409.50
254 Repayment of VAT 22/23 Green Charity £4194.06
255 31081 Coronation Bookmarks Insignia £590.40
Hall hire for meetings Barrington VH
Financial year 2023/24
Membership 2023 Cambridgeshire ACRE £60.00
2320 Playground Inspection March 23 Herts &Cambsmtce £114.00
2325 Strim of ditches Herts &Cambsmtce £312.00
2324 Removal of fallen tree Back Lane Herts &Cambsmtce £348.00
2323 Various works to Back Lane Herts &Cambsmtce £2700.00
23/01 Hire of school room Feb/March23 Barrington Cof E School £50.00
10455 Payroll services –Jan-March 23 Red shoes accountingSvs £62.70
27080 Rosettes for Coronation Reimb S Walmesley £181.67
80068472 Heritage Lights South Cambs DC £13046.00
Hire of equip for presentation Reinb Cllr Kemp £144.00
2857 Website hosting & support Netwise UK £396.00
2354 Cut Main green/glebe rd/sports Herts &Cambsmtce £468.00
2363 Roll & Spike Rec Herts &Cambsmtce £540.00

b) Balances and Bank Reconciliation 31st March 2023

BANK Balance
Unity Trust Bank £288445.64
Lloyds Bank £166839.40
CBS £1500.00
Unity Trust Bank S106 £(18.97)

c) Update on Bank Mandate
d) Adoption of Financial Regulations
e) Coronation of King Charles III –Agreement of expenditure on temporary toilets, marquees and flooring

8 Section 106 Payments to Contractors(5 Mins)

Resolution: That the Parish Council authorise the Clerk/RFO and the Chairman or Vice Chairman to
approve any expenditure which may arise relating to Section 106 projects between Parish Council meetings
where the service to be provided has already been approved by the PC. The expenditure to be limited to a
maximum payment of £10,000 per item.
This resolution to be reviewed by the Parish Council at quarterly intervals.

9 Planning(15 minutes)

(i)  23/00847/PRIOR
Proposal :Replacement of workshop with single storey annex

Site Address :5 High Street
Public Access Link :
Comments by ASAP

(ii)  Site 23/00847/PRIOR
Proposal: Single storey rear extension to dwelling
Address: 85 Glebe Road
Public Access Link:
Comments by ASAP

(iii)  23/00598/S106A
Proposal: Modification of planning obligations contained in a Section 106 Agreement dated 27 October

2016 in relation to outline planning permission S/2365/14/OL
Site Address: Former Cement works, Haslingfield Road
Public Access Link:
Comments by ASAP

(iv) 22/04223/FUL (Amendment)
Proposal: Erection of one new build detached dwelling (additional info to overcome highway objection)
Site Address: Land lying to the north west of 14 Orwell Road
Public Access link:
Comments by 13
th April 2023

10 Agreement of Signatures for Indemnity Forms Section 106 Payments(10 Minutes) Cllr
a) Sports Pavilion Balance
b) Village Hall Contribution
c) Associate Car Park, Football Pitch and Tennis Court
d) Community Fee –Instalment 2

11 Approval in principle for the engagement of consultants proposed by Mills Power.Cllr

12 All Saints Garden (Redrow) (2mins)Cllr Rhodes-Kemp
a) Occupancy and Numbers
b) Noise/Vibration

13 S106 -updates (20mins)
a) General Update –Cllrs Rhodes –Kemp& Walker
b) Progress on Project –Cllr Kemp
c) Traffic Calming and Speedwatch –Cllr Anscombe
d) Archer Bridge –Cllr Quincy

14 Barrington Welcome Packs (5mins) All

15 Update on Review of Risk Assessments –Cllrs Priddle & Kemp

16 Review of Policies –Cllr Kemp

17 General Update and Review of Organogram/Action Plan (10mins)

18 Update on Coronation Celebration(5 minutes) Cllr Cooper

19 Reports to be taken as read (1min)
a) QEII woodland and Community Orchard –Cllrs Buchanan, Hopewell & Quincey
b) Footpaths –Cllrs Buchanan and Cooper
c) Ditches –Cllr Hopewell
d) Play Areas –Cllr Cooper
e) Challis Green Pond –Cllr Rhodes-Kemp
f) Green Charity –Cllr Priddle

20 Highway Issues

21 Benches (5 minutes) Cllrs Hopewell & Rhodes-Kemp
a) Update on Plaques
b) Update on Bench Inspection

22 Update on Parish Council Email/Website –Cllrs Hopewell & Anscombe

23 Recruitment of Clerk/Administrator Update (5 mins) Cllrs Rhodes-Kemp,Walker&

24 Agreement of Agenda for Annual Parish Meeting 2nd May 2023

25 Date of next Parish Council Meeting -11th May 2023 Bowls Club

Acting Clerk to the Parish Council
Mrs Sally Walmesley, Redwood Lodge, South Street, Litlington, Royston, Herts SG8 0QR
Tel: 01763 852137 E-mail: