December 2022 Parish Council Agenda

Meeting Agendas Uploaded on December 2, 2022

Barrington Parish Council

To members of the Council:

You are hereby summoned to attend a Meeting of the Parish Council of Barrington Parish Council to be held in the Village Hall on Thursday 8th December 2022 at 7.30pm for the purpose of transacting the business below.


The Public and Press are invited to attend. 

Tel 01223 845328 2/12/2022 

Agenda for Parish Council meeting –  December 8th  2022

1.  Apologies, welcomes and introductions (2mins) 

2.  Declarations of Interest and dispensations (2mins)

3.  Public Forum – no members of the public.

4 To approve the Minutes of the last Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 10th November 2023 the draft Minutes are attached. (5mins) Paul proposed that these are a trues record of the meeting and John 

5. To take CCC (Cambridge County Council), SCDC (South Cambs District Council) and Clerk reports (15 mins) 

Matters Arising – (2 mins)

The amended tree quote has been received from Charlie Vince with the same total £2850. 

Items for consideration

6.  Finance (20 mins) Cllr Walker
a) To approve the payment of accounts listed below and to approve any further invoices presented to Council that are not in the schedule (if any):

Voucher Invoice No. Description Supplier Amount
190 Bank Charges Lloyds Nov 22 Lloyds Bank        7.00 
191 Second Bank Charges Lloyds Nov 22 Lloyds Bank        7.00 
192 Electricity Charges Southern Electric     186.15 
193-96 November payroll costs and back pay  2,712.28 
197 1190 Ranger duties for Oct 22 10hrs @ £16.50 Herts & Cambs      198.00 
198 2004 Cut of Sports Field 4/11 Herts & Cambs      144.00 
199 2016 Cut of verges in village Nov 22 Herts & Cambs      144.00 
200 2017 Cut wildflower areas Nov 22 Herts & Cambs      228.00 
201 2032 Dig out, prep and install concrete base on under 5’s, fix new bench down Herts & Cambs      384.00 
Voucher Invoice No. Description Supplier Total
202 2054 Playground Inspection Herts & Cambs      114.00 
203 2772 Tree surgery carried out in QE11 Woodland according to our quotation  Richardson Tree Surgery  1,170.00 
204 Parish Online – Digital Mapping (per Year) Geoxphere Ltd       76.80 
205 Zoom Nov 20, 2022 – Nov 19, 2023 Reimbursement     143.88 

b) Balances and Bank Reconciliation. 

Unity Trust Bank 295,204.55
Lloyds 166,867.40
CBS 1,500.00
Unity Trust Bank S106  0.00
Total  463,571.95

b) Review of budget 2022/23 to date.
c) Consideration of the preliminary 2023/24 budget and precept request 

d) FWG recommendations to PC

7. Planning (25 mins) Cllr Kemp
Proposal: Replace glazing within the existing wooden frame windows and Installation of a internally passive or electric fan to bathroom with external white plastic vent cover.
Site address: 61 High Street Barrington Cambridgeshire
comments by 12th Dec

Proposal: Fenestration replacement – All C20 windows and 2no. C20 doors.
Site address: 36 West Green Barrington Cambridgeshire
Public Access Link:
Comments by 13th December

8. All Saints Garden Redrow (5 mins) Cllr Rhodes-Kemp
a) Occupancy numbers – approaching 50

9. S106

a. General Update Cllr Rhodes-Kemp

b. Tenders Update Cllr Kemp/Tender Team

i) Architects

ii) Project Management

c. Footpaths, Cycle Way, and Roads? Cllr Rhodes-Kemp

d. Traffic Calming Cllr Kemp

e. Archer Bridge Cllr Quincey

10. Heaters VH + Donation Cllr Rhodes-Kemp

11. Reports: to be taken as read

a. QE11 woodland and Community Orchard ? Cllr Quincey

b.  Footpaths ? Cllr Cooper

c.  Ditches Cllr Hopewell

d.  Play areas Cllr Cooper

e. Challis Green Pond Cllr Rhodes-Kemp +SG

f. Green Charity Cllr Priddle

12. Coronation Celebration Cllr Cooper

13.Man Shed -Cllr Rhodes-Kemp

14. Heaters and Donation to Cancer Charity

15. Highway Issues (5mins) –
reporting of any issues or updates. Footpath to Shepreth