May 2022 Parish Council Agenda

Meeting Agendas Uploaded on May 6, 2022

Barrington Parish Council

 To members of the Council:

You are hereby summoned to attend The Annual Meeting of the Parish Council Followed by the May meeting of Barrington Parish Council in Barrington Village Hall on Thursday 12th May  April 2022 at 7.30pm for the purpose of transacting the business below.

BWhitehouse – Clerk to Barrington Council 01223 845328                                                                                                                                              6/5/22

The Annual Meeting of the Parish Council Agenda


  1. Election of the Chairman for 2022-23 and sign the declaration of acceptance (5mins)
  2. Election of the Vice-Chairman 2022-23 and sign the declaration of acceptance (5mins)
  3. Apologies
  4. Welcome to the new council and declarations of acceptance to be signed. (5mins)
  5. Declarations of Interest
  6. Appointment of Independent Internal Auditor for the year 2022-23 (3 mins)
  7. To consider membership of: (10 mins)
    a) Council Working Groups
    b) Parish Working Groups
    c) Councillors Responsibilities
  8. Emergency Plan – to review and amend (10 mins)
  9. To review Terms of Reference for the following: – (15 mins)
    a) Council Personnel Working Group – – no longer needs terms of ref as just a discussion group
    b) Planning Committee – forms part of the monthly Parish Council Meeting
    c) Council Finance Working Group – no longer needs terms of ref as just a discussion group
    d) QE II Woodland Group
    e) Reduce Speed Plan Sub Committee
    f) S106 Working Group Community Facilities Key Roles and Responsibilities this will need amending with the new council.


This will be followed by the May Meeting of the Parish Council


  1. Public Forum
    To allow any member of the public to address the Council. This session is to last no more than 15 minutes.
  2. a) To approve the Minutes of the last Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 22nd April 2021. A draft copy of the Minutes is attached. (5mins)
  3. To take CCC (Cambridge County Council), SCDC (south Cambs District Council) and Clerk reports (15 mins)

Matters Arising – (2 mins)

  1. Finance (15 mins)
    a) To approve the payments listed below.


V/N Description Supplier Total
17 Materials for bridge Lawsons     271.30
18-25 Salaries, NIC, PAYE and Pensions Staff 2310.27
26 Electricity Charges Southern Electric 196.34
27 Platinum Jubilee Bookmark Insignia Ltd 356.40
28 Cut of sports field 7/4 Herts & Cambs Ground Maintenance Ltd 144.00
29 Ranger duties for March 22 Herts & Cambs Ground Maintenance Ltd 168.30
30 Strim whole village April 22 Herts & Cambs Ground Maintenance Ltd 192.00
31 Cut of sports field 21/4 Herts & Cambs Ground Maintenance Ltd 144.00
32 Playground inspection 29/4 Herts & Cambs Ground Maintenance Ltd 114.00
33 Acacia Tree Surgery Tree work quotation dated 11/3/2022 4,008.00
34 Banana print (reimbursement) Printing for the APM leaflets. 49.90
35 A & K Refurbishments Challis Green- equipment refurbishment 984.00
36 Microsoft  (reimbursement) Microsoft licence 79.99
37 Information commissioner ICO fee 40.00
38 Playsafety Limited Annual inspection- Rospa 243.60
39 Currys (Cllr reimbursement) Laptop and keyboard 576.99
40 EE Limited (reimbursement) calling Supplier Raja Supplies/Uk Depot 14.35
41 Merlin Mica Hardware (Cllr reimbursement) reinforcing the notice boards
used to advertise the Open Day in March
42 Challis Pond work Fen Ditching Company Ltd 19,676.40
  Total   29,588.48


  1. b) To note the approval of the additional paint work to the rocking horse at the Challis Green Play Area by A&K Refurbishments (£295).
  2. c) To review the 2022/23 current spend against the budget.



  1. d) Balances and Bank Reconciliation.
Unity Trust Bank £84,970.91 There is £7,179+£250 for Challis Green Pond Donations in this balance
Lloyds £166,930.40 Traffic calming monies received £93,273.20 hence a larger balance
CBS £1,500.00  
Unity Trust S106 -£31.10  


e) S106 Agreements

i) Indemnity Community Fee Instalment 1.

ii) Indemnity Village Hall Contribution Instalment 2

iii) Indemnity Sports Pavilion Instalment 1

iv) Indemnity associate carpark, football pitch tennis court

14. To review and agree insurance renewal (10 mins)

15. To review the following policies. (10 mins)

The Social Media and Electronic Communications including email accounts
The Public Accessibility, Complaints Procedure and Lone Worker Policy have all been amended and are attached for information.

16. To review the Annual Parish Meeting (10 mins)

17. Jubilee Celebrations – update Cllr Rhodes -Kemp (5 mins)

18. S106 Update (5 mins)

19. Reports: Council to note as we have new councillors and had a held 2 meetings in the last 2 weeks we will not be receiving the usual monthly reports.

20.Highway Issues – Reporting of any issues or updates (5 mins)

21. Planning (10 mins)

Council to note

For info only
Proposal: Submission of details required by condition 3 (Render) and 4 (Joinery Details) of consent 21/02908/LBC
Site address: 33 High Street Barrington Cambridge
Public Access link:

Proposal: Non material amendment of reserved matters application S/3485/18/RM (Application for approval of reserved matters for appearance landscaping layout and scale under planning permission S/0057/17/VC for development of 220 residential units) Amend the surface treatments
Site address: Barrington Cement Plant Haslingfield Road Barrington
Public Access link:

Planning to consider

i) Reference: 22/01572/HFUL
Proposal: Single storey covered entrance way.
Site address: 1 Daphmoir Close Barrington Cambridgeshire
Public Access Link:

ii) 22/01611/HFUL
Proposal: Conversion of Conservatory to Aluminium Solid Roof Garden Room and Garage door openings into sliding doors.
Site address: 38 High Street Barrington Cambridgeshire
Reference: 22/01611/HFUL
Public Access Link: