September 2021 Parish Council Minutes

Meeting Minutes Uploaded on October 30, 2021

Barrington Parish Council

Minutes of the Full Parish Council Meeting held on September 9th, 2021.


Present Cllrs: Bedford, Bird, Day, Kemp, McBride, Rhodes-Kemp, Walker, CCCllr Kindersley, SCDCllr Van der Weyer and the Clerk.

  1. Apologies welcomes and introductions. Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr Hopewell and the RFO both for personal reasons.
  2. Declarations of Interest and dispensations. Cllr Walker declared an interest in item 17. Planning ii) 21/03885/FUL as this is neighbouring his property.

    Public Forum – there were no members of the public present.

  3. The Minutes of the last Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 20th July 2021. It was proposed to accept the Minutes as a true record of the meeting by Cllr Kemp, seconded by Cllr Bedford and agreed with all in favour.
  4. CCC (Cambridge County Council), SCDC (south Cambs District Council) and Clerk reports

The Clerk sent a written report the main points of which were: The broken A frame was removed on Friday. If the PC are minded to replace this, the PC should look at funding. Herts and Cambs Ground Maintenance have also removed the metal ends of old fencing posts that were found in the woodland, and a serrated knife has been thrown away.

The external auditor has a couple of questions which Rixon and I will respond to.

SCDCllr Van der Weyer gave a verbal report the main points of which were: Greater Cambridge Local Plan – most sites are to the NE of Cambridge. There has been no application from Thakeham.

There are 3 homes available for Afghan refugee families.


The CCCllr Kindersley sent a sent a written report the main points of which were:
Greater Cambridge Local Plan – first sites have been published and there will be further consultation in November.

Afghan Refugees

Changing Places Toilets Funding

£30,000 for local organisations supporting families and vulnerable people

New County Council administration: taking stock and looking ahead

Renewables in School replacing gas and oil boilers
Summer food vouchers distributed across Cambridgeshire
Apprenticeships Funding
Growth Fund – to support South Cambridgeshire based businesses’ growth and expansion plans
New washable nappy discount scheme
New planning guidance about how to increase biodiversity in new development has been published for public consultation by the Greater Cambridge Shared Planning Service.
The OxCam Arc Consultation has started.
The new County Council building is open but the Council Chamber is not big enough to seat everyone.  Recruitment for a new chief executive has begun.

There was some discussion on:

Thakeham – that they responded to a recent phone call from a resident and appeared to be quite open, there is concern that they will try and go outside the local planning system and work with the OxCam Arc directly with the Government.

The Foxton Car Park – that insufficient biodiversity and traffic reviews have been carried out. Cllr Bird mentioned that the field is often flooded during the winter. It is effectively a Park and Ride. SCDCllr Van der Weyer was asked to support the PC and raise the concerns it and local people have.  Cllr Walker suggested that perhaps villages affected could work together to conduct a micro traffic survey.

CCCllr Kindersley suggested writing to GCP (Greater Cambridge Partnership) and asking to be included in all the correspondence such as that which goes to Foxton and a local resident that has been involved with other Park and Ride Consultations. He has also stressed that these issues need to be reviewed before it goes before the planning committee.

Cllr Kemp asked if anything further had been heard regarding the Seearo change of use planning application. The response was not as yet.

Matters Arising

Item 6. e) Repair of glass in the phone box with clear laminated glass will take place on 10th September.

Items for consideration

  1. Finance
    a) To approve the payments listed.
    It was proposed to approve the payments listed by Cllr Walker, seconded by Cllr Day and agreed with all in favour.
81 Ranger duties –  cut back school, paths Herts & Cambs Ground Maintenance Services 49.50
82 Ranger duties –  Strim Challis Green pond Herts & Cambs Ground Maintenance Services 39.60
83 Ranger duties –  Cut back woodland Herts & Cambs Ground Maintenance Services 89.10
84 Ranger duties –  Cut back boot lane Herts & Cambs Ground Maintenance Services 89.10
85 Ranger duties –  litter and cutting school paths Herts & Cambs Ground Maintenance Services 108.90
86 Cut of sports field 9/7 Herts & Cambs Ground Maintenance Services 172.80
87 Cut of sports field  and strimming 16/7 Herts & Cambs Ground Maintenance Services 216.00
88 Playground inspection 16/7 Herts & Cambs Ground Maintenance Services 114.00
89 Cut of Glebe Road areas, Cut of Sports Field, strim village and Cut of Main Green 22/7 Herts & Cambs Ground Maintenance Services 672.00
90 Cut back surface and overhang of back lane path and paths down to river besides and behind shop Herts & Cambs Ground Maintenance Services 336.00
91 Cut of verges 30/7 Herts & Cambs Ground Maintenance Services 228.00
92 Cut of sports field Aug 21 Herts & Cambs Ground Maintenance Services 228.00
93 Playground inspection 6/8 Herts & Cambs Ground Maintenance Services 114.00
94 Cut of Glebe Road areas, Cut of Sports Field, and Cut of Main 20/8 Green Herts & Cambs Ground Maintenance Services 468.00
95 Cut of sports field 13/8 Herts & Cambs Ground Maintenance Services 144.00
96 West Green Pond work Repayment 126.60
97 West Green Pond bridge repair Repayment 69.91
98-103 Staff pay, PAYE, pension and NIC Staff 2148.64
104 Electricity Charges Southern Electric 148.16
105 Electricity Charges Southern Electric 157.35
106 Bank Charges Lloyds July Lloyds Bank 7.85
107 Bank Charges Lloyds Aug Lloyds Bank 7.85
108 Repairs to the roadways VAT claimed for Green Charity Green charity 2,652.92
109 Charging cable for Clerk laptop Reimbursement 19.99
    Total £8408.27
  1. b) Balances and Bank Reconciliation.

Unity Trust

From Accounts                   52,480.97

Payments not cashed            619.72

Receipts not entered               0.00

Statement should be     £53,100.69


From Accounts                   166,980.25
Payments not cashed                  0.00
Receipts not entered                  0.00
Statement should be     £166,980.25

Unity Trust S106
From Accounts                          15.58
Payments not cashed               0.00
Receipts not entered               0.00
Statement should be            £15.58

It was noted that this account is not being used but there are charges for it.

From Accounts                     1,500.00

Payments not cashed               0.00

Receipts not entered               0.00

Statement should be       £1500.00


Total in reconciled accounts
Unity Trust                 53,085.11  (£53,100.69 less Debit balance £15.58)
Lloyds                        166,980.25 (includes traffic tender monies)
CBS                                  1500.00
Total                         £221,565.36


  1. c) The 2021/22 budget was reviewed but there was nothing to note.
  2. d) to consider supporting the Youth Club with paying for the hire of the village hall £15 a session. It was proposed by Cllr Rhodes-Kemp and agreed with all in favour to support the Youth Group in this manner.                                                                                                 Action The Clerk.

    e) to consider the installation of permanent bridge warning signs. Further details have been attached for information. The cost is £98.75 per sign with installation the total will be £155 per sign. It was resolved that a sign be fixed to the fence of the gate at the bottom of Boot Lane. Action The Clerk.

  3. To consider the adoption of the new Code of conduct. It was resolved to adopt this next May after the elections so that Council can begin the training process. Action The Clerk.
  4. Preschool Provision update – a meeting has been held with CCC representatives, but it appears that the work was being pushed on the PC and what had started as a simple plan is being turned into a more extensive and expensive project. It was resolved to request another meeting and as CCCllr Kindersley to also attend.                                                 Action the Clerk and Chair.
  5. Positions for VAS speed sign update. The village has been walked and potential positions identified for the sign considering all the advice we were previously given. The appropriate landowners need it be asked and a new request submitted to Highways. Action the Clerk
  6. Update on local vandalism– storage sheds, woodland picnic tables and pavilion have been broken into or damaged. The Clerk has tried to get in touch with our PCSO but as yet has received no response.                                                                                                                 Action The Clerk.
  7. To consider the request for fire lighting in woodland from Guides and Scouts. It was resolved that this could resume subject to a risk assessment being carried out, that the groups brought water or beaters to put any uncontained fire out and that no evidence of the fires were left.
                                                                                                                                                                        Action The Clerk.

2.The Gathering on the Green take place this coming weekend. There will be a PC stall and it is hoped that all Cllrs will a man slot.

It was agreed to take planning Item 17 next as Cllr Day needed to leave the meeting by 9.30pm.

  1. Update on Promap If council decided to use Promap we would get the higher access for the first 12 months of our agreement at the lower price so £20/month per user. This would give us to all the mapping and the viewable layers. This could also be run quarterly from an access point of view. It was resolved to wait until the Parish Council had things that needed mapping before committing to signing up to the service.

Planning was taken at this point in the meeting before Cllr Day left at 9.30pm.

  1. To consider trying to recruit more volunteers for the Community Gritting Scheme. It was resolved to try and recruit some more volunteers.
  2. Reports: The following reports had already been circulated and taken as read.
  3. QE11 woodland and Community Orchard
    b. Footpaths – the grass alongside the paths down by Little Rivers needs cutting
    c.  Ditches – the ditch along by the school needs stabilising. There are still some logs in the ditch directly behind Heslerton Way.
  4. Play areas
    e. Challis Green Pond –Council noted a funding application has been made to Natural Cambridge – Community Grants for Nature Recovery
  5. Traffic Management – there was nothing further to add.
    g. Green Charity
    h. Website – Council wished to thank Cllr Hopewell for all her work on the website.
  6. Highway Issues – there was nothing to report.
  7. Planning

Council noted:

No comments were made on the following 2 applications as they were made during the summer break and extensions were not possible.

21/03190/HFULProposal: Single storey rear extension.
Site address: 12 Foxton Road Barrington CB22 7RN

Proposal: Single Storey lean-to extension.
Site address: 5 Boot Lane Barrington CB22 7RA

Permission has been Granted for:

Description: Retrospective erection of garden room and shed to rear
Address: 3 Rhee Meadows Barrington CB22 7GA

Description: Single storey rear infill extension.
Address: 1 Rhee Meadows Barrington CB22 7GA

For info only

Proposal: Submission of details required by conditions 3 (Materials) and 4 (Contractors Arrangements) of planning permission S/2304/18/FL
Site address: 9 Back Lane Barrington CB22 7RF

20/03389/CONDB and 20/03388/HFUL
Proposal: Submission of details required by conditions 3 (External materials), 4 (Windows) and 5 (Details) of listed building consent 20/03389/LBC
Site address: 20 West Green Barrington CB22 7SA

Proposal: Installation of fixed-line broadband apparatus (1 x 9m and 1 x 10m wooden poles (7.2m and 8.2m above ground))
Site address: Site Office, Redrow Homes Chapel Hill Barrington

Proposal: Non-material amendment on 21/01474/S73 for a Garden Pod to plot 142
Site address: Barrington Cement Plant Haslingfield Road Barrington


Proposal: Certificate of lawfulness under S192 for the siting of a caravan in the garden, for the use of an elderly family member incidental to the main dwelling
Site address: 2 Slid Lane Barrington CB22 7RD

Council considered

  1. i) 21/03779/S19LB and 21/03673/S73
    Proposal: S73 to vary condition 2 (approved plans) of ref: S/2303/18/LB (removal of existing C20 side extension to the south side and erection of new (replacement) extension to the south side. Removal of 3no. C20 outbuildings and erection of new (replacement) single garage). The amended drawings for consideration are as follows: 21/1154/PL-02 revB, 21/1154/PL0-3 and 21/1154/PL-04.
    Site address: 9 Back Lane Barrington CB22 7RF. It was resolved to support this application.

    Cllr Walker left the meeting
  2. ii) 21/03885/FUL
    Proposal: Demolition of an existing dwelling/house and outbuildings and the erection of 2 No. dwelling/houses together with a single garage associated with each dwelling
    Site address: 7 West Green Barrington CB22 7RZ
    It was resolved to uphold the PC’s previous decision and to reiterate comments made previously It was agreed unanimously to recommend refusal for this application. It is an overdevelopment of the site; it is likely to have a negative ecological impact. Additionally, it will affect the tree line and detrimentally affect the conservation area of the village. Finally, it will create excess traffic movements across The Green.

Cllr Walker returned to the meeting

iii) 21/03895/HFUL

Proposal: Single storey rear extension, alterations and new front porch, Children’s tree house, erection of new fence adjacent to highway and the addition of trellis toppers to existing fence (Re-submission of 21/02616/HFUL)
Site address: 40 Shepreth Road Barrington CB22 7SB.
It was resolved to support this application.

iv) Digital consultation launched to shape the future of the OxCam Arc The Government has launched a 12-week consultation on the future vision for the Oxford-Cambridge Arc; the Spatial Framework.

  1. v) Local Plan – the Greater Cambridge Local Plan


It was resolved that a small working group consisting of both Cllrs and residents will work on a response to both the OxCam Arc and the Local Plan a meeting is planned for later in September.

Action Cllr Kemp.


  1. S106 update
    a) Traffic Management Tender update – 2020 Consultancy have been appointed and have begun a review of the traffic through the village.
    b) Village Facilities Tender Update – the original document that was submitted has been updated and the tender team are meeting at the end of September to discuss next steps. If progress cannot be made it was resolved to ask SCDC S106 officers for further assistance.

The meeting was closed at 10.10pm