Mobile Phone Mast Pre-Application on The Green – response

Mobile Phone Mast Proposal: 22/02755/PRIOR Installation of a new 16m monopole tower update 30th June

The Parish Council’s view is that this proposed mobile phone tower is in a totally inappropriate location within the Conservation Area and on the very edge of the village Green. The visual, environmental, safety, health and safety implications will all a concern. It is also disappointed that no other options have been presented for discussion. Please be assured that the Parish Council is getting involved with this proposal and has objected to it in the strongest possible terms on various grounds.

It is essential that you each respond to South Cambs District Council (SCDC) with your views in time if you so wish.


These types of mast have so-called “permitted development” rights – in other words they are already approved by Central Government in principle and so there are limited opportunities to change them or stop them.

The applicant Hutchison 3G has asked South Cambs if it has its “Prior Approval” to go ahead and it is up to SCDC to decide whether just to let it go ahead or whether to ask for amendments or to refuse it.

 You need to say whether you support or oppose it and why by 6 July 2022.

Issues you could raise include location, visual impact and setting, safety concerns, health and safety concerns, loss of amenity. For example:

  • It is on the Village Green and facing a most beautiful part of the West Green pond
  • The visual impact
  • The clear visibility of the mast for a long distance across the Village Green
  • Very prominent with nothing to camouflage the lower part of the mast and cabinets
  • The first thing that would be seen when entering the village from Shepreth or Orwell
  • The design of the equipment
  • The effect on the character and setting of the many surrounding Listed Buildings – it would be less than 10m from one of these which is regarded as a Landmark Building
  • The effect on the character of the Barrington Conservation Area
  • That you have not had time to consider alternatives – insufficient consultation
  • That the associated cabinets will be out of place, possibly noisy
  • That this is a difficult junction and servicing the mast raises highway safety issues
  • Whether you have concerns about the health effects of the 5G antennae
  • If you already feel anxious about the proposals

The Parish Council has submitted a detailed response, as has the Green Charity.

Your Parish Council is not “NIMBY” and is not opposed to mobile telecoms in principle – it is just that this is entirely in the wrong place. Worse – the lack of open consultation with the community first – as is required by the industry code of best practice – is both unprofessional and frankly insulting.

Please submit a response to SCDC – whatever your views – by 6th July.

The link to the application is below:

22/02755/PRIOR | Installation of a new 16m monopole tower to support antenna, associated radio-equipment housing and ancillary development hitherto. | Land At Orwell Road Barrington Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB22 7SE (

The Parish Council Comments can be viewed here:

Microsoft Word – 22_02755 PRIOR BPC Response.docx (