Barrington Parish Council – Retention of Documents Policy

Policies Uploaded on August 23, 2021

Barrington Parish Council
Retention of Documents Policy

Barrington Parish Council is aware that the efficient management of its records is required to comply with its legal and regulatory obligations. Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 requires the Council to maintain a retention schedule. The policy also ensures that valuable information is not destroyed and that information held is relevant.
This policy applies to all records created, received or maintained by the Parish Council in hard copy or electronic format. The Clerk will be overall responsible for the implementation of the policy and managing the Council’s records.

Document Retention                                                       Period                 Reason                             Location Retained
Minutes                                                                              indefinite               Archive                           Storage or County
Agendas                                                                             5 yrs                    Management                   Office, storage or county
Committee Minutes                                                         indefinite               Archive                      Office, storage or county
Accident Reports                                                              20 yrs                 Potential Claims           Office
Councillors’ acceptance of office                                   1 yr                       Management                    Office
Councillors’ declarations of office                       4 yrs or until left         Managment                      Office
Policy documents                                        Until there is no longer an   Management                    Office
administrative requirement
Title Deeds                                                                        Indefinitely               Archive                    Office, storage or county
Complaints                                                   6 Years after resolution of     Management               Office
Information Requests                                6 Years after resolution of      Management              Office
Planning applications                                 SCDC maintain records        Management                SCDC

Receipt and Payment Accounts                Indefinite                                  Archive                      Office, storage or county
Bank Statement including
deposit/savings documents             Last completed Audit Year                Audit                                Office
Bank paying in books                        Last completed Audit Year                Audit                                Office
Cheque book stubs                             Last completed Audit Year                Audit                                Office
Quotations and tenders                     6 years                                               Limitation Act                    Office                                                                                                                           1980 (as amended)
Paid invoices                                         6 years                                                 VAT                                   Office, storage
Paid cheques                                         6 years                                             Limitation Act                     Office, storage
1980 (as amended)
VAT records                                        6yrs generally but 20 yrs                 VAT                                     Office, storage
for VAT on rents
Timesheets                                          Last competed Audit year            Audit, Personal injury          Office
Wages/payroll                                   12 years                                                                                               Office, storage
Register of Electors                          Updated yrly                                  Management              Electronic password protected
Play equipment Inspection            21 yrs                                             Potential Claims                       Office, storage
Insurance policies                            While valid                                     Management                             Office
Certificates for insurance                40 yrs from date om which       Management
against liability for employees        insurance commenced or         The Employers’ Liability         Office
renewed                                       (compulsory Insurance
regulations 1998)

Adopted Feb 21
Reviewed 2022