Using the Green

Using the Green

Contact the Secretary ( for details of our Permitted Way Licences

Guidelines for using Barrington Green

The Trustee is keen to see Barrington Green used as much as possible, and that includes events as well as guest parking for events. Here are some notes to help you if you are considering doing so.

Because it is a large area open to public access, there are things you have to do before the Green Charity can give you permission to do so, firstly compliance with use of a Village Green and secondly public safety.

Barrington Green is a registered Village Green, and as such, it is not legal to drive or park vehicles on it, anywhere, without the permission of the Trustee of the Green Charity; this is by contacting the Secretary in the first instance.

For a Green resident who would like to use the Green only for parking of cars for a private party, the Trustee asks that written permission be requested in advance and advises that parking would be at owner’s risk.

Anyone wishing to use the Green for an event must show the Green Charity that they have Public Liability insurance covering the event in excess of £3 million in each and every claim. We would require the name of Insurers and the Policy Number and confirmation of the amount insured. The name of the organiser must be given to the Green Charity in advance, together with contact details, in case of an accident.

If a large number of cars are expected, the Green Charity would expect the parking to be under some form of organising, preferably marshals’ instructions, each identifiable eg by wearing a yellow jacket. Signs, netting, marker cones may be advisable depending upon the ground surface condition, and the Trustee can help with these items.

Any damage to the Green must be remedied by the organisers, as the Green Charity has no staff to undertake such work. If the ground is soft, then a date would be fixed so that a decision can be made in advance of the event should it not be feasible to park on the grass.

Barrington Green has to be maintained. The only income the Green Charity has annually for such maintenance is by making a charge for the use of the Green. The minimum contribution to the Charity is £25.00, but the amount would depend upon the intended usage.

The Trustee reaffirms that using the Green is welcomed.

The Green Charity, Barrington – Registered Charity Nº 205227

Guidelines for advertising signs on the green