The Green Charity

The Green Charity

Barrington Village Green is an area of around 22 acres and surrounded by over 110 properties.

It is managed by the Green Charity, a registered Charity Number 205227. The Trustee is the Parish Council.

The Green Charity is responsible for the maintenance of the Village Green. The trees and the deep drainage ditches and underground culverts are managed by the Parish Council as well as the Church Car Park on Challis Green and the Disabled Car Park adjacent the Church.

Because the land central to the village is the Village Green, the Parish Council leases land from the Green Charity to provide sport and recreation areas: an Under 5s Play area, an Adventure Playground, Football and Cricket pitches.

The Green Charity has faced a particular problem, in providing access to the residential and commercial properties which surround the edge of the Village Green. In the 1940s, the Parish Council began to pay attention to the need to provide ‘access roadways’ to properties around the Green when owners acquired a motor car, and designated ‘Green roadways’ were set up in due course, on the principle of a roadway being able to serve as many properties as possible, to minimise disruption to the Village Green.

The Green Charity’s charitable objectives as stated on the Charities Commission website are:

  1. The provision of a village green for the benefit of the inhabitants of Barrington with the aim of improving the condition of life of those inhabitants.
  2. The relief of person resident in or immediately outside the area of benefit who are in need, hardship or distress.

Current Trustee

  • Councillor Carol Alderton
  • Councillor Paul Anscombe
  • Councillor Sam Buchanan
  • Councillor Laura Cooper
  • Councillor Amanda Hopewell
  • Councillor Ray Kemp
  • Councillor Julian Priddle
  • Councillor Debbie Quincey
  • Councillor Rosamund Rhodes-Kemp
  • Councillor John Walker

Secretary to the Green Charity

Sheila Potter

To contact the Green Charity please email For emergencies please use the telephone number provided in the Barrington Newsletter.