July 2022 Parish Council Agenda

Meeting Agendas Uploaded on July 8, 2022

Barrington Parish Council

To members of the Council:

You are hereby summoned to attend a Meeting of the Parish Council of Barrington Parish Council to be held in Barrington Village Hall on Thursday 14th July 2022 at 7.30pm for the purpose of transacting the business below.

The Public and Press are invited to attend.

Due to covid restrictions and social distancing requirements please book your place with the Clerk if you intend to attend the meeting.

Tel 01223 845328


Agenda for Parish Council meeting – July 14th 2022


  1. Apologies, welcomes and introductions. (2mins)
  2. Declarations of Interest and dispensations (2mins)
  3. Public Forum
    To allow any member of the public to address the Council. This session is to last no more than (15 mins)
  4. To approve the Minutes of the last Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 9th June the draft Minutes are attached. (5mins)
  5. To take CCC (Cambridge County Council), SCDC (South Cambs District Council) and Clerk reports (15 mins)

Matters Arising – (2 mins)

Item 6 Finance from June – the benches and bin have been ordered and will be delivered to Herts and Cambs ready for installation.


Items for consideration

  1. Finance (20 mins) Cllr Walker
    a) To approve the payment of accounts listed below and to approve any further invoices presented to Council that are not in the schedule (if any):






Voucher Invoice No. Description Supplier Total
73 INV-2913 Annual software licence 01/08/2022-31/07/2023 Scribe 561.60
74 SI-1668 Cut of verges 31/05/2022 Herts & Cambs Ground Maintenance Ltd 228.00
75 SI-1669 Cut of sports field 31/05/2022 Herts & Cambs Ground Maintenance Ltd 72.00
76 SI-1680 Playground Inspection 31/05/2022 Herts & Cambs Ground Maintenance Ltd 114.00
77 Donation Donation for use of equipment (S137) Barrington Society 10.00
78 Direct Debit Electricity Charges – May 2022 Southern Electric 186.15
79-88   June salaries/PAYE/NI/pension Salaries 2,172.77
89 MEM239697-1 Membership SLCC – 01/07/2022-30/06/2023 SLCC 186.00
90 240450 New A frame/grass matting/installation/inspections and freight Kompan 14,186.13
91 Reimbursement Stamps, Pond net A4 ,Envelopes Clerk 41.58
92 Reimbursement Mileage allowance Clerk 52.33
93 SI-1719 Ranger duties for May 22 Herts & Cambs Ground Maintenance Ltd £257.40
94 SI-1720 Cut of Main green, Glebe Road areas, Sports field Herts & Cambs Ground Maintenance Ltd £468.00
95 SI-1721 Strim Village Herts & Cambs Ground Maintenance Ltd £204.00
96 SI-1722 Spread sand in under 5’s Herts & Cambs Ground Maintenance Ltd £588.00
97 0150677 Transfer of recreational land, Haslingfield Road, Barrington


Mills & Reeve £963.60
98   GDPR Data Protection Information Commissioners Office £40.00
      Total £20,331.56



b) Balances and Bank Reconciliation.

c) Review of budget 2022/23 to date.

d) Bank Signatories – update
e) Council to note nothing was flagged up as a concern on out Internal Audit

7. Review the S106 Working Group Community Facilities Key Roles and Responsibilities organogram

8. Annual Fete Consideration (5mins) Cllr Buchanan

9. S106 consideration of next steps (15 mins) – Cllr Rhodes -Kemp
Including consideration of the Traffic Survey Report and Questionnaire

10. Consideration of Operation London Bridge (10 mins) – details have been circulated

11. Consideration of the Local Heritage List – details have been circulated

 12. Reports: to be taken as read

a.QE11 woodland and Community Orchard
b. Footpaths
c. Ditches
d.  Play areas
e. Challis Green Pond
f. Traffic Management
g. Green Charity

13. Highway Issues (5mins) –
reporting of any issues or updates

14. Planning (20 mins) Cllr Kemp

For info only:


Proposal: Submission of details required by condition 3 (Construction Ecological Management Plan), 4 (Arboricultural Method Statement), 5 (Traffic Management Plan) and 6 (Construction Environmental Management Plan) of permission 21/01146/FUL
Site address: Land West Of 20 West Green Barrington
Reference: Public Access link:


Proposal: Installation of a new 16m monopole tower to support antenna, associated radio-equipment housing and ancillary development hitherto.
Site address: Land At Orwell Road Barrington Cambridge
Public Access Link:
Comments have already been submitted for this

To consider

i. 22/02191/LBC

Proposal: Alterations and Refurbishment
Site address: 14 High Street Barrington Cambridgeshire
Public Access Link:
Comments required by 15th July

ii. 22/02082/LBC
Proposal: Removal of modern beams and brick plinth in kitchen/diner, leaving historic beams in situ.
Site address: 36 West Green Barrington Cambridgeshire
Public Access Link:
Comments required by 15th July

iii. 22/02527/FUL
Proposal: Erection of 1 No. new detached dwelling and a new access for Walnut Cottage.
Site address: 14 Orwell Road Barrington Cambridgeshire
Public Access Link:
comments by 18th July

iv. 22/02499/HFUL
Site address: 4 Boot Lane Barrington Cambridgeshire
Reference: Public Access Link:
Comments by 19th July

v. 21/04524/S73
Proposal: S73 Variation of conditions 1 (Approved plans), 2 (Reserved matter details), 6 (Arboricultural Method Statement), 7 (Boundary treatments), 8 (Refuse storage), 10 (Housing mix), 12 (Energy Statement), 13 (Contamination), 14 (Noise assessment), 17 (Drainage strategy), 19 (Access) and 23 (Fire hydrants) pursuant to planning application 21/01474/S73 (Variation of condition 2 (reserved matters details) pursuant to planning application 20/02528/S73 (Variation of conditions 2 (Reserved matters), 5 (Construction Environment Management Plan and a Construction Method Statement), 6 (Airborne Dust), 7 (Site waste management plan), 8 (Tree protection measures), 9 (Boundary Treatment), 10 (Siting and design of the screened storage for refuse), 14 (Renewable energy statement), 15 (Contamination), 16 (Noise insulation scheme or noise mitigation Strategy), 19 (Surface water drainage scheme), 20 (Surface water), 21 (Remediation Statement – Contamination), 22 (Scheme for disposal for surface water), 24 (Visibilty splays), 26 (Recording of Industrial Heritage), 27 (Foul water solution), 28 (Archaelogical works) and 29 (Fire hydrants) pursuant to planning permission S/0057/17/VC))
Site address: Former Barrington Cement Works Haslingfield Road Barrington
Public Access link: