February 2021 Parish Council Agenda

Meeting Agendas Uploaded on August 1, 2021

Barrington Parish Council

To members of the Council:
You are hereby summoned to attend a meeting of Barrington Parish Council
Via ZOOM on Tuesday 16th February 2021 at 7.30pm for the purpose of transacting the business below.

The Public and Press are invited to attend.

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BWhitehouse – Clerk to Barrington Council
Tel 01223 845328

Agenda for
Full Parish Council Meeting – February 16
th 2021

1. Apologies welcomes and introductions. (2mins)

2. Declarations of Interest and dispensations (2mins)

3. Public Forum
To allow any member of the public to address the Council. This session is to last no more than 15 minutes.

4. East West Rail Update – CCCllr Kindersley/Cllr Bird (10 mins)

To call the meeting on

5. To approve the Minutes of the last Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 19th January 2021. A draft
copy of the Minutes is attached.

6. To take CCC (Cambridge County Council), SCDC (south Cambs District Council) and Clerk reports (15

Matters Arising – (2 mins)
There are no items to report on where decisions were not required.

Items for consideration

7. Finance (15 mins)
a. To approve the payments listed below.

Voucher Description Supplier Total
181 Electricity Charges Sothern Electric 376.23
182 Bank Charges Lloyds Bank 14.00
183 Playground Inspection Jan 21 Herts and Cambs Ground
Maintenance Services
184 Ranger duties Dec 20 Herts and Cambs Ground
Maintenance Services
185 Cutting back of footpaths
Herts and Cambs Ground
Maintenance Services
186 Ranger duties January 21 Herts and Cambs Ground
Maintenance Services
187 Carrying out work on Public
Green Spaces as per our
quotation 24 September 2020
Acacia Tree Surgery Ltd 3,588.00
188 Community Orchard Trees Ashridge Trees Limited 82.80
189 Community Orchard Trees East of England Apples & Orchards
190 Street Lighting Oct 20 -Nov 20
Final CCC charge
Cambs County Council 719.06
191 Book- 12th Edition Local Council
SLCC 123.80
192 Virtual Practitioners’
Conference Clerk
SLCC 90.00
193 -198 Staff Salaries – NI, PAYE,
Staff 1,647.04
Total £8,212.83

b. Balances and Bank Reconciliation.

Unity Trust

From Accounts
Payments not cashed
Receipts not entered

Statement should be £45,317.82


From Accounts
Payments not cashed
Receipts not entered.

Statement should be £94,946.90

Cambridge Building Society

From Accounts
Payments not cashed

Receipts not entered 0.00
Statement should be £1,500.00

Unity Trust Bank 45,317.42
Lloyds 94,946.90
CBS 1,500.00

Total in all accounts £141,764.32

c. Review of the 2020/21 budget to date

d. Query from resident regarding precept

8. Policy Updates (10 mins)Policies that have been reviewed to date:
Updated General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – Retention of Documents Policy, BCP Consent Form,
General Data Privacy Notice, General Data Privacy Notice for staff, Councillors and Role Holders and BCP
GDPR Policy which replaces the Data Protection Policy.
Communications Guidance
Co-option Policy
Freedom of Information and Publication Scheme
Standing orders
Updated organogram
These have been circulated.

There maybe one or two other policies to review in due course.

9. Website update report (10 mins) – to include email addresses and social media use – Cllr Hopewell.

10. Reports: The following reports have already been circulated and taken as read. (5mins)

a. QE11 woodland and Community Orchard – Plans are well underway for preparing the land for planting,
and trees and bushes are ordered. An enthusiastic team of volunteers is standing by for when work can
really start. The plan is to plant in March, but this will be weather and COVID-19 dependent.
b. Footpaths – Cllr Day
c. Ditches – Cllr Bird
d. Play ar
eas – Cllr Day and to include the inspection reports.
e. Challis Green Pond –Cllr Rhodes-Kemp
f. Traffic Management and Speed watch Report – Cllr Rhodes-Kemp
g. Green Charity – Cllr Day.

11. Highway Issues – reporting of any issues or updates (10mins)

12. Wildflower areas (5mins)

13. Planning (25 mins)

1. Redrow Update

2. East West Rail Update – to consider signage.

3. Local Plan information gathering survey PCs have been given the opportunity to supplement information
gathering with any knowledge regarding submitted sites in the parish by 1 March at 5pm.

Council to note.
Appeal Decision – S/3655/19/LB – 4 Challis Green, Barrington
Appeal –

For info only 20/05385/CL2PD
Lawful development certificate for a proposed side extension to bungalow
Site address: 9 Bendyshe Way Barrington Cambridge
Reference: Public Access link:

20/2442/TTCA – tree application
Site address:4B West Green Barrington CB22 7SA
Proposal: T1 Sycamore ~ Remove eppicormic growths up to main fork; reduce one
limb growing over bungalow by up to 2.0 metres and reduce limbs above (due North) by up to 2.0 metres to
re-balance crown. Council made no comments

4. Applications for Council to consider – Cllr Kemp

i) 21/00066/FUL
Proposal: Demolition of an existing dwelling/house and outbuildings and the erection of 2 No.
dwelling/houses together with a single garage associated with each dwelling.
Site address: 7 West Green Barrington CB22 7RZ
Public Access Link:

ii) 21/00039/HFUL
Proposal: Create a link building between the existing garage and main house to create a new secondary
Site address: 30 Shepreth Road Barrington CB22 7SB
Public Access Link:

iii) 20/05214/FUL
Revised boundary of new dwelling/house (previously approved S/3779/17/FL)
Site address: 9 Back Lane Barrington CB22 7RF
Public Access Link:

iv) Consultation on the proposed June 2021 revisions to:-Our Local Validation List Requirements and Local
Validation Check List. Comments should be sent to