February 2022 Parish Council Minutes

Meeting Minutes Uploaded on April 11, 2022

 Barrington Parish Council

Minutes of the Discussion Meeting held on February 10th, 2022.

Present Cllrs Bedford, Bird, Day, Hopewell, Kemp, McBride, Rhodes-Kemp, Walker, CCllr Kindersley, SCDCllr Van der Weyer and the Clerk.

  1. Apologies welcomes and introductions. There were no apologies, and everyone was welcomed to the meeting.
  2. Declarations of Interest and dispensations. No declarations of interest were made.
  3. Public Forum
    The Clerk received a phone call about the football goal and dog fouling on the grass area at the end of Malthouse Way. It was agreed the Clerk will ask for the goal to be removed and the cost of a sign sought.
  4. To take CCC (Cambridge County Council), SCDC (south Cambs District Council) and Clerk reports CCCllr Kindersley

A written report was received from CCCllr Kindersley and circulated the main points of which were:
Thakeham – Local PC representatives have been invited to attend a virtual meeting with the Head of Greater Cambridge Shared Planning, in early February, for an update on the Local Plan and OxCam Arc in relation to Thakeham’s ‘Southwest Cambridge’ affected villages.
Virtual decision-making for local councils – The Local Government Association is lobbying government to reinstate provision for meeting virtually where councils feel the need to, but so far Central Government isn’t changing its position.
Household Support Fund Reminder! This fund aims to help those struggling to pay for food, energy or other essential items this winter. Details of how to access the scheme are available here:
Health and social care reforms – major reorganization is happening now
10 mph zones – Plan to introduce 20mph speed limits to improve transport safety will be discussed at an upcoming meeting with Members of the Highways and Transport Committee.
Barrington All Saint’s Gardens Thanks to officers at South Cambs and to Redrow who between them have given the go ahead for up to 10 occupations at All Saint’s Gardens despite the various legal processes being not quite complete.
Cambridgeshire County Council Budget the Joint Administration is to consider a 4.99% rise to close the authority’s £16m budget gap this year.
Fire Authority Budget. Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Fire Authority is asking residents to have their say on proposals to increase the fire service’s share of council tax for 2022/23. The Service is looking for a below inflation increase of £1.44 (around 2%) for the year, making the total contribution for the year £74.97 for a resident living in Band D property.
Mobile Library –update
Civil Parking Enforcement. SCDC has written to the CC to ask them to apply to the Department of Transport asking them to approve Civil Parking Enforcement for all South Cambs.  Green Bins – collections have restarted.
May Elections – SCDC will be holding elections on 5th May.  If you would like a postal vote, a proxy vote, or indeed if you are not on the Electoral Register – all the forms are there.
Water Resources East –has just published its very significant report and has opened a consultation on it
Biodiversity SCDC has now approved its Biodiversity Supplementary Planning Document.
More grants for Business. Covid continues to damage many businesses especially those in the hospitality sector.
More Grants for Communities. SCDC Community Chest Grants have increased their maximum award from £1500 to £2000 and have been extended temporarily to allow pcs and community groups to bid for money to help them run events to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee.
Local Plan The First Proposals consultation for the joint South Cambs, Cambridge City Local Plan 2020-2041 concluded in December 2021.Addressing climate change was the top priority, so climate change, net zero and doubling biodiversity was put at the heart of the emerging plan.
East West Rail – the first of 17 regional meeting was held on the 9th of Feb.  The meeting on 28th Feb is for the area including Barrington. There is some concern this is just a tick box exercise.

SCDCllr Van der Weyer gave a verbal report and further to the points made above the following were highlighted:
SCDC Budget – SCDC is proposing to raise the precept by £5 on a Band D house.
Planning Committee- The deed of variation has been signed and the requirement for flexibility in the S106 allocations for community facilities made clear.
Combined Authority – are working to improve the areas chalk streams
Water Contamination – there have been recent reports suggesting water from the Duxford bore hole was contaminated. This is being investigated but it has been stated that no houses received contaminated water.
This was followed by some discussion on rumours that Michael Gove is working with planning in Uttlesford.

Matters Arising.
From June 2021 Item 12.
Retrospective approval of the gifting of land by QEII woodland. New documents have been signed as the ones received in June were incorrect.  This was formally noted by councillors.

Items for consideration

  1. Finance Cllr Walker
    To approve the payments listed below. It was proposed to approve the payments listed by Cllr Walker, seconded by Cllr Bird, and agreed with all in favour.
192 Bank Charges Lloyds Dec 21 Lloyds Bank 7.00
193 Electricity Charges Southern Electric 211.57
194-199 Clerk Net Pay Jan 22 Staff- salary, pension, PAYE, NI 1698.35
200 Bank Charges Lloyds Jan 22 Lloyds Bank 7.00
201 Repairs to rocking horse on Challis Green & and readjust auto gate shut U5’s Herts & Cambs Ground Maintenance Services 168.00
202 Queen’s Green Canopy Plaque Reimbursement To Clerk 61.80
203 Replace lighting fitting outside the village hall with a vandal proof bulkhead. Powerlite Fire Safety Ltd 60.00
204 Install client supplied noticeboard Greg’s Handyman Services 180.00
    Total 2,393.72



b) Balances and Bank Reconciliations were presented.

Total in reconciled accounts

Unity Trust       67,672.21
Lloyds              166,944.40
CBS                       1,500.00
Unity Trust s106     -12.55
Total             £ 236,104.06

c) Review of budget 2021/22 to date. Once the ditch work has been carried out 67% of the budget will have been spent.
d) Streetlight upgrade – information has been circulated. It was agreed unanimously to support SCDC in the upgrading of the heritage lights.
e) To consider Sand quotes for the Under 5’s area further details attached. It was proposed by Cllr Day seconded by Cllr McBride to purchase 15 tonnes of play sand from Madingley Mulch and liaise with Herts and Cambs Maintenance to organise the spreading of it. Council would also like to thank Mr and Mrs Leech for their continued work looking after the play area. Action the Clerk.

6.Consideration of amended Environmental Policy. It was agreed by all to adopt this policy. Once a tree warden has been confirmed and training undertaken this can be added.
7.A frame replacement. After some further discussion it was proposed by Cllr Day, seconded by Cllr Hopewell, and agreed to replace the A frame with the climber from Kompan. Action The Clerk.
Village Guide Update it was agreed by all that South Cambs can produce and print this for new house owners, but the Parish Council would either like to pay for additional copies to be printed for the rest of the village or have the files to be able to organise this. Additionally, it will be requested that the map of walks be included.                                 Action Cllr Hopewell and the Clerk.
Policy Updates – Policies that have been reviewed to date:
Updated General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – Retention of Documents Policy, BCP Consent Form, General Data Privacy Notice, General Data Privacy Notice for staff, Councillors and Role Holders and BCP GDPR Policy which replaces the Data Protection Policy.
Communications Guidance
Co-option Policy
Freedom of Information and Publication Scheme
Standing orders

These have been circulated.

It was agreed ro renew these policies. The order of tick boxes on the consent form has been altered so permission to use name or photo in newsletters or on the website is the first item.

10. To consider the draft Environment and Sustainability Policy (5mins) Both attached for information. Already discussed under Item 6.
11. Goals for next 12 months. A list will be drawn up of all the items the PC is working on that should be complete or have resolution on in the next year. This will include Challis Pond, Working Groups, S106 projects, Jubilee and village celebrations, environmental initiative such as a car sharing scheme and recycling.
12. Consideration of Jubilee tree planting and other celebrations. There are a number of celebrations being planned by different groups in the village. It was agreed that a starting point would be to compile a list of all these alongside when National Events are happening. Action Cllr Hopewell and the Clerk.
Succession Planning Cllr– in May there are PC elections and the number of councillors for Barrington increases to 13. It was resolved that all Cllrs should consider whether they will re-stand or whether they know of others who might be interested. Additionally, we will in the Newsletter and on the FB page some information on each councillor and why they decided to become a Parish Councillor.                 Action all Cllrs.

 14. S106 Updates
Traffic Calming – we have not received the final report. The second payment of money has been brought forward to the from the 100th to the 50th occupation.
b. Village Facilities – there is a joint meeting between the PC and Village Hall Trustee on 21st February.
c.General update
– the Deed of Variation has been signed. The Parish Council wish to thank all those involved. The transferf land can now take place, the details of that are being worked on.

15. Reports: The following reports have already been circulated and taken as read.

a. QE11 woodland and Community Orchard – a report was circulated
b. Footpaths – nothing further to report
c. Ditches– Cllr Bird including the request from the school to carry out work on the bridge over the ditch to the playground. It was agreed this could go ahead.
d.  Play areas – nothing further to report
e. Challis Green Pond – work will begin on 15th February
f. Traffic Management –nothing further to report
g. Green Charity – a report was circulated
h. Website – the text box has been changed from black to green and the conservation area information has been updated.

16.Highway Issues – there was nothing further to report.

17. Planning

22/0109/TTCA : 48 West Green Barrington CB22 7SA
Proposal: T1 – Lawson Cypress – To Fell
T2 – Laurel – To Trim by 0.5m
T3 – Portuguese Laurel – to high coppice leaving at 1.5m
Council had no comments to make.

21/05328/HFULRE for 20 West Green Barrington Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB22 7SA: Erection of a single storey pool house and swimming pool to rear. Review of previous nonresponse.

It was resolved to object for the following reasons:  the proposal neither protects nor enhances the Conservation Area and it will have a significant detrimental impact upon views from the Conservation Area. The proposal will also detrimentally affect the designated heritage asset of “Newlyn” number 16 West Green.

Finally, there has been a large tree house erected at 4 Daphmoir Close. The Clerk has been asked to confirm whether planning permission is required for such a structure.

The meeting was closed at 10.40pm