July 2021 Parish Council Agenda

Meeting Agendas Uploaded on August 1, 2021

Barrington Parish Council

To members of the Council:
You are hereby summoned to attend a Meeting of the Parish Council of Barrington Parish Council to
be held in the
Village Hall on Tuesday 20th July 2021 at 7.30pm for the purpose of transacting the
business below.

The Public and Press are invited to attend.
Due to covid restrictions and social distancing requirements please book your place with the Clerk if
you intend to attend the meeting. Unfortunately, we cannot stream the meeting as there is no Wi-Fi
provision at the village hall.

HOUSEKEEPING: Please be advised that attendees are expected to:

1. Bring a face covering with them, and to wear it whilst entering the venue.
2. To maintain a 2m social distancing space.
3. Attendees will be required to give a name and contact telephone number to the clerk to her
to contact all those present should a case of Covid be reported to it.
4. Anyone experiencing Covid or cold symptoms are asked to refrain from attendance.
5. Anyone who experiences Covid or cold symptoms within 10 days of attending the meeting is
asked to report this to the Clerk who will contact all attendees and will also advise the NHS
Track and Trace programme.
Tel 01223 845328                                                                                                                                                                                                         14/07/21

Agenda for
Full Parish Council Meeting – July 20
th 2021

1. Apologies welcomes and introductions. (2mins)

2. Declarations of Interest and dispensations (2mins)

3. Public Forum
To allow any member of the public to address the Council. This session is to last no more than 15

4. To approve the Minutes of the last Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 22nd June 2021. A
draft copy of the Minutes is attached.

5. To take CCC (Cambridge County Council), SCDC (south Cambs District Council) and Clerk reports
(15 mins)

Matters Arising – (2 mins)

Items for consideration

6. Finance (20 mins)
a) To approve the payments listed below.

64 Bank Charges Lloyds June Lloyds Bank 7.85
65 Electricity Charges Southern Electric 139.45
66 Bank Charges Unity Trust Unity Trust Bank 18.00
67 Bank Charges Unity Trust S106 Unity Trust Bank 18.27
68 Cut of sports field 15/6 Herts & Cambs Ground
Maintenance Services
69 Cut of Glebe Road areas, Cut of Sports
Field, and Cut of Main Green 15/6
Herts & Cambs Ground
Maintenance Services
70 Cut of cricket pitch 18/6 Herts & Cambs Ground
Maintenance Services
71 SLCC Full Membership –
SLCC 185.00
72 SLCC How to use Graphic Design Software –
SLCC 36.00
73 Microsoft 365 1 YR TO 23 June 2022 Reimbursement to Clerk 59.99
74 Green Charity Annual Lease Green charity 150.00
75-80 Salaries, PAYE, NIC, HMRC, Pension Staff 1,646.35
Total 2,920.91

At time of publication the payroll has not been completed so figures are estimations.

b) Balances and Bank Reconciliation.

Unity Trust

From Accounts
Payments not cashed
Receipts not entered

Statement should be £61,535.25


From Accounts
Payments not cashed
Receipts not entered

Statement should be £77,149.95

Unity Trust S106

From Accounts
Payments not cashed
Receipts not entered

Statement should be £15.58

From Accounts 1,500.00
Payments not cashed 0.00

Receipts not entered 0.00
Statement should be £1500.00

Total in reconciled accounts

Unity Trust 60,922.39
Lloyds 73,722.75
CBS 1,500.00

Total £136,145.14

c) Council to note all documents were submitted for audit.

d) Review of budget 2021/22 to date.

e) To consider the repair of glass in the phone box with clear laminated glass which will crack but not
shatter from 1
st Glass at a cost of £300.

6. Communication – (15 mins)

a) Review of Communications Guidance a copy of attached for information

b) Review and adoption of Social Media and Electronic Communications Policy a copy is attached for

c) Electronic Communications Update Cllr Hopewell and the Clerk – a report is attached for

7.Promap Review – Cllr Hopewell and Clerk (15 mins)
Maps and a report have been attached for information.

8. Housing Needs Survey (10 mins)
Havebury Housing Partnership have been provided with the opportunity of looking at a rural
exception site within the village, situated north of Glebe Road, with a view of providing affordable
housing to those with a local need

9. Reports: The following reports have already been circulated and taken as read. (10 mins)

a. QE11 woodland and Community Orchard Cllr McBride
b. Footpaths – Cllr Day
c. Ditches – Cllr Bird
d. Play ar
eas – Cllr Day
Council to note Herts and Cambs Maintenance are looking into the repairs highlighted in the recent
Rospa inspection and a protruding nail and rotting post spotted in a recent (July 7
th) weekly
e. Challis Green Pond – Cllr Rhodes-Kemp
Council to note a funding application has been made to the Pebble Fund (Cambridge Water) and a
representative from The Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire & Northamptonshire will
have visited the pond to discuss restoration.
f. Traffic Management – Cllr Rhodes- Kemp
g. Green Charity – Cllr Day
h. Early Years provision – Cllr Rhodes-Kemp

10. Highway Issues – reporting of any issues or updates (5 mins)

11. Planning (20 mins)

Council to note:

For info only : S/3341/19/CONDA
Local Planning Authority: South Cambridgeshire District Council
Proposal: Submission of details required by conditions 3 (Construction Environmental Management
Plan), 4 (Biodiversity Enhancement), 6 (Arboricultural Method Statement and Tree Protection
Strategy), 7 (Carbon Emissions) and 8 (Water Consumption) of planning permission S/3341/19/FL
Site address: Land At Wilsmere Down Farm Orwell Road Barrington

For info only: 21/00908/CONDA
Local Planning Authority: South Cambridgeshire District Council
Proposal: Submission of details required by condition 3 (Materials) of planning permission
Site address: 2 Mill Lane Barrington CB22 7QY
Public Access link:

21/0828/TTCA Tree works
Section 1 – T1 is a holly, T2 is a birch, T3 is a an ash. These three trees are standing very close
together in a row next to an LPG tank (1.5 meter away from it) and their lower branches are now
directly over the LPG tank. It is proposed to clear the branches of T1, T2 and T3 away from the object
(LPG tank) by drop crotching the branches above the tank by 1m.

Section 2 -.
T4a, T4b and T4c are all hazel trees – previously coppiced. They are growing on the edge of an old
clunchpit by a sheer drop of approximately 1.5 m. It is proposed to do some selective pruning by
part coppicing the hazel on their Eastern side to promote healthy growth and save the trees. We are
looking to reduce the tree size by up to 25% by coppicing the eastern shoots of the tree, but not
touching the centre of the tree stool.
Site address: 2 Shepreth Road Barrington CB22 7SB
Reference: Public Access link:

Proposal: Submission of details required by condition 3 (Materials) of planning permission
Site address: 9 Back Lane Barrington Cambridge
Public Access link:

To consider

a) 21/02616/HFUL
Proposal: Rear extension and alterations and new porch. Children’s tree house.
Site address: 40 Shepreth Road Barrington CB22 7SB
Public Access Link:

b) 21/02555/HFUL
Proposal: Installation of mobile home in garden for use as an annex, ancillary to main dwelling
Site address: 2 Slid Lane Barrington CB22 7RD

Public Access Link:

c) 20/02528/CONDD
Local Planning Authority: South Cambridgeshire District Council
Proposal: Submission of details required by condition 20 (School Car Park) of planning permission
Site address: Former Barrington Cement Plant Haslingfield Road Barrington
Public Access link:

d) 21/02907/HFUL and 21/02908/LBC and 21/02907/HFUL
Proposal: Two-storey side and rear extension
Site address: 33 High Street Barrington CB22 7QX
Public Access Link:
Public Access Link:

12. S106 update – Cllr Rhodes-Kemp (20 mins)

a) Traffic Management Tender update
b) Village Facilities Tender Update
c) Update and discussion following update with Redrow