October 2022 Parish Council Minutes

Meeting Minutes Uploaded on November 12, 2022

Barrington Parish Council Barrington Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on – October 13th, 2022

Present: Cllrs Alderton, Anscombe, Buchanan (left at 9.25pm), Hopewell, Kemp, Priddle, Quincey, Rhodes-Kemp, Walker and SCDCllr Van de Weyer, the Clerk and two members of the public.


  1. Apologies, welcomes and introductions. Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr Cooper and CCCllr Kindersley.
  2. Declarations of Interest and dispensations – there were no declarations made. It was noted that that application 03362/LBC and 22/03361/HFUL for 27 High Street is on the agenda again due to a change with SC planning, but Council has already discussed its response and will not be considering it again so Cllrs Kemp abd Rhodes-Kemp do not need to declare an interest.
  3. Public Forum – there were no members of the public present.

    To ratify the decisions of the discussion meetings held on Tuesday 9th August and on Tuesday 20th September. The September meeting was postponed and then held by zoom due to the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. The Clerk and RFO had delegated powers through the mourning period the draft Minutes for both these meetings are attached. It was proposed by Cllrs Anscombe, seconded by Cllr Hopewell abd agreed with all in favour to accept these minutes.
  4. To take CCC (Cambridge County Council), SCDC (South Cambs District Council) and Clerk reportsA written report was circulated from CCCllr Kindersley the main points of which were:
    Thanks to those residents who have been in touch about the proposed bus cuts. Public transport is now the responsibility of the Combined Authority.

Fostering – Cambridgeshire County Council has launched an urgent appeal to encourage residents to consider becoming Foster Corers. Email: Call: 0800 052 0078

EV charging provision Questions continue to arise regarding EV charging provision, for residential properties without on-site parking and access to home charging. South Cambs with its housing remit is looking at options for providing a limited amount of communal EV charging on suitable communal property in its ownership.

Workforce shortages and the Four-Day Week Trial. A three-month trial of a four-day week will begin in January for desk-based staff at South Cambridgeshire District Council.
A four-day week is when people work one less day per week but still get paid the same salary. A four-day week, which for a full-time employee at the Council would consist of 30 hours, can make an organization stand out from others and be more attractive to talent. It is also seen as a tangible incentive to encourage staff to stay.
In the trial, service levels cannot drop if a four-day week is to be considered as a viable option in the longer term.

The Visit South Cambs website celebrates first year

South Cambs trials plant-powered bin lorries in our latest step towards decarbonisation, South Cambs has conducted a trial with eight bin lorries using biofuels, cutting their net carbon emissions by 90%. During the past two months, Greater Cambridge Shared Waste, a partnership between SCDC and Cambridge City Councils, ran the eight vehicles on hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) instead of diesel.

Rough Sleepers – the County Council has won over £670k of funding as part of the national Rough Sleeper Initiative to continue to support Cambridgeshire Housing First which currently supports 37 former rough sleepers experiencing multiple disadvantage – and the new funding will mean it can now provide intensive support so that an additional 27 can benefit from Housing First.

Where is the civil parking enforcement scheme? An initial survey of the district was carried out by consultants who drove around the whole of South Cambs and listed any anomaly they could find in the Traffic Regulation Orders on the ground. The survey details were passed to Policy and Regulation who now need to rectify the anomalies. Once design work is complete it will be costed and hopefully approved by the Greater Cambridge Partnership (who are funding it) and then the implementation starts! Large scale lining work is not done over the winter period as the lines don’t set properly if it is wet or cold.
Just to remind you – this is all so parking tickets can be handed out by civil wardens rather than just the Police!

Fire & Rescue – Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service aims to improve the time its fire engines get to emergency incidents in rural areas by allowing some fire engines to be sent with three firefighters. Currently, although the Service aims to have five firefighters on each fire engine, it allows fire engines to go with four firefighters on board. It will only send three crews to bin fires or small animal rescues. This means a fire engine could arrive at an emergency in a rural area several minutes quicker than it does now.

Inflation – the Council is currently forecasting a small (£2.368 million or 0.5 per cent) overspend for 2022/23, mainly due to the effects of the expected level of public sector pay inflation for this year, which exceeds the estimates used in budgeting.
But what of next year and beyond? Inflation remains a significant concern in looking ahead to setting the Council’s medium-term financial plan for the next five years.

Support for residents in coping with the cost of living The Council is continuing to collate information about the various sources of help for individuals and households struggling with the cost-of-living crisis.

A verbal report was given by SCDCllr Van der Weyer the main points of which were:

City access, buses and congestion charging.
Cllr Priddle asked if existing services are at risk. SCDCllr Van der Weyer replied that in principle more services should be added and that he is collecting people’s views.

East West Rail – maybe more announcements in the New Year.
Stagecoach – cuts of routes
915 Royston from Cambridge the Combined Authority has put out a tender for a new provider.
Greenways consultation to Melbourn will improve the junction at Foxton but does not currently include Barrington.
SCDC are supporting warm hubs

The Clerk had nothing further to report.

Matters Arising
Item 8 from September 2022 – unfortunately we were unsuccessful in obtaining additional funding towards the renovation of the play equipment of the safety surface.


Items for consideration

  1. Plans for the Royal Oak – there was considerable discussion. The main points of concern were

The safety of the entrance – there is poor visibility.

The gap from the restaurant to the toilets looks too small for disabled toilet access and the door should open the other away to allow access.

Concerns over the rear terrace and the noise that could create for neighbours and concerns that if the car parking is reduced there will be more temptation to park on The Green.

  1. Finance.
    a) To approve the payment of accounts listed below and to approve any further invoices presented to Council that are not in the schedule (if any):

It was proposed to approve the payments listed by Cllr Quincey, seconded by Cllr Walker, and agreed with all in favour.


V/N Inv Description Supplier Amount
152-159 Staff – salary, PAYE, NIC, pension and home allowance Staff 1,801.37
160 Bank Charges Unity Trust Unity Trust Bank 18
161 Bank Charges Unity Trust S106 Unity Trust Bank 20.99
162 Bank Charges Lloyds Sept 2022 Lloyds Bank 7
163 1871 Playground Inspection Herts & Cambs 114
164 1883 Cut of sports field and strimming sept 22 Herts & Cambs 204
165 1884 Cut of Glebe Road areas, Cut of Sports Field, strim village and Cut of Main Green sep 22 Herts & Cambs 660
166 1885 Install items to multi-play equipment Herts & Cambs 144
167 1896 Playground Inspection Herts & Cambs 114
168 SI-5735 Spoil levelling from pond dredging’s and bunded area. Supply 8-ton excavator and operator Fen Ditching Company Ltd 1,426.80
169 9412 To payroll services for the quarter ended September 2022 Red Shoes Accounting Services 63
170 SB20223000 Limited assurance review of Annual Governance & Accountability Return for year ended 31 March 2022 PKF Littlejohn 480
171-172 Clerk expenses clerk 73.23



  1. b) Balances and Bank Reconciliation.
Unity Trust Bank £292,644.34
Lloyds £166,888.40
CBS £1,500.00
Unity Trust Bank S196 -£71.74
Total  £460,961.00


  1. c) Review of budget 2022/23 to date. Cllr Walker took Cllrs through the budget. There are some lines which will be overspent such as tree work and playground work.
  2. d) Bank Signatories – there was no update.
  3. e) Streetlight upgrade update – it was resolved to ask SC for a meeting to discuss options and to consider a way forward.

8.Trees. Quotes attached for info
a) to consider the quotes for the annual tree survey
. It was agreed in principle to accept the quote from Charlie Vince once it has been amended (tree 881 removed and 958 added). The clerk will circulate before any agreement is made.

Additionally, there was discussion regarding the work for the play area which were considered last month, and it was agreed to go ahead with the most important repairs to the slide mound. This will be ratified formally at the next parish council meeting in November.

  1. PlanningFor info only21/01146/CONDB
    Proposal: Submission of details required by conditions 8 (Surface Water and Foul Water), 9 (Ecological Enhancement) and 10 (Carbon Emissions) of permission 21/01146/FU
    Site address: Land West Of 20 West Green BarringtonCouncil Considered:
  2. 22/1039/TTCA
    Proposal: T1: Mature sycamore – crown raise to 5m, and have a 1.5m -2m lateral reduction.
    T2: Semi mature walnut – side prune back to suitable growth points to reduce overhang into no.38 by 1m to 2m.
    T3: Small Indian bean tree – reduce back to boundary to suitable growth points, to achieve a 1m to 2m clearance from no.38.
    Site address: 38 And 36 High Street And 2 West Green Barrington
    The Parish Council made no comments.
  3. 22/1041/TTCA
    Proposal: Leylandii hedge. Reduce back by up to 2 m towards boundary – cyclical pruning annually
    Site address: 10 Challis Green Barrington Cambridgeshire
    The Parish Council made no comments.

iii. 22/1052/TTCA
Proposal: T1 Purple plum – reduce sides by 2m, cut away from neighbouring roof.
T2 Willow leaved pear – reduce height by 1.5m, lift to 1.8m, remove deadwood, trim sides.
T8 Apple – reduce away from roof, reduce height and sides by 1m.
T11 Sycamore – cut back from house by 2m.
Reasons – to maintain tree size and shape, reduce leaf drop and keep the garden light.
Site address: 41 West Green Barrington Cambridgeshire
The Parish Council made no comments.

  1. 22/03906/LBC and 22/03905/FUL
    Proposal: Demolition of existing conservatory and erection of single storey rear extension and internal/external refurbishment
    Site address: 31 West Green Barrington Cambridgeshire
  2. S/1418/19/CONDA
    Proposal: Submission of details required by conditions 3 (Samples of Materials) and 5 (Parts 1 and 2) (Working Drawings) of planning permission S/1418/19/LB
    Site address: 4 High Street Barrington Cambridge

This property is a listed building within the Conservation Area and in a prominent location

It is felt the information provided in relation to S/1418/19/CONDA is inadequate and the condition should not be discharged.

Secondly, it has been noted that groundworks began on this site in late September 2022. It is therefore believed that the applicant is in breach of all five conditions of the original planning consent granted for S/1417/19/FL and S/1418/19/LB.

Additionally in its response to the 2019 the council made clear that it wished to see a construction management access plan and no such plan has been forthcoming even though work has commenced. Barrington Green Charity requires such a plan in order to protect the Green.

Under the circumstances council recommends enforcement action is taken against the applicant for breach of the said 2019 conditions. They should certainly not be discharged.


  1. 22/03362/LBC and 22/03361/HFUL
    Proposal: Removal of existing conservatory and erection of a single storey rear extension
    Site address: 27 High Street Barrington Cambridgeshire
    This application was discussed last month but under a different application number. It was resolved to resend Council’s previous comments.

vii. 22/03420/HFUL
Proposal: Replace Kitchen window with French doors and replace chimney and extend to 1.8m
Site address: 14 High Street Barrington Cambridgeshire
It was agreed that although the Parish Council are sympathetic to this application and the request of the residents it wishes to support the comments of the conservation officer and request that further details are submitted particularly regarding the bathroom plans.

  1. All Saints Garden Redrow
    a) Occupancy numbers – there are now 30 houses occupied11. S106 Responsibilities and timeline including updates Cllr Rhodes -Kemp – took everyone through the spreadsheet which the clerk has updated and will now be reviewed.
  2. Bridges – Little Rivers Update Cllr Priddle and Archer Bridge Cllr Quincey
  3. Warm Spaces – Barrington Primary School are offering the use of one of their unused classrooms as a warm space.


  1. New Councillors – buddy system review. The offer of a buddy was repeated for new councillors.
  2. Reports: to be taken as read
  3. QE11 woodland and Community Orchard – the Clerk has requested that nettles are strimmed.
    b. Footpaths – nothing to report
    c. Ditches – to be circulated
    d.  Play areas – nothing to report
    e. Challis Green Pond
    f. Traffic Management
    g. Green Charity

    16. Highway Issues –

There was a meeting with the school regarding the area outside the school, the new path to All Saints Garden (Redrow) and the lack of safety measures. It is felt by all to be an accident waiting to happen.

Cllr Hopewell has reported to the damage that Cambridge Water have done to the pavement and verges thought their work.

The meeting was closed at 9.45pm.